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What is E-DARAT?

E-DARAT is a platform for faster, smarter and more efficient HR management. E- DARAT supports SMEs in managing, digitizing and automating HR and payroll cycle on a centralized platform.

Through E-DARAT, you can manage your time-consuming routine HR processes and paperwork, from policy setup, to employee on-boarding, to insurance requests and registration, to fully fledged payroll cycle management.

How do I register and log into my company account on E-DARAT?

1- Press on the “Try for free” button
2- Fill the pop-up form with the following information:

First Name
Last Name
Company Name
E-mail address
Phone number
Number of employees
3- Our sales representative will reach out soon to discuss next steps

What type of information does the E-DARAT dashboard show me?

Depending on your role at the company, E-DARAT offers you a personalized view of all HR and insurance information you need to get related work done efficiently and effectively.

You can keep tabs on employee status updates, upcoming processes and renewal cycles, and attendance trends, among other information areas. Our dashboard also organizes leave and absence data, that can help you identify productivity and staffing gaps and opportunities.

Beyond day-to-day operations, E-DARAT also actively involves both employers and employees in performance evaluation and appraisal processes. E-DARAT’s dashboard not only generates bespoke scoring systems – a Personal General Score and Manager General Score – during appraisals, but also, consolidates insightful data on your employees’ average and overall performance throughout their tenure with the organization.

Can E-DARAT employees access my account as a HR administrator?

No. Each employee will have the ability to access his/her own account and view his/her own data only. Only HR manager and CEO users can view any employee data in their organization.

Can I keep tracks of document expiry of my employees?

Yes. The document management feature allows HR managers to keep tabs on employee documents’ expiry dates and renew them by uploading them directly on the platform. Employee documents on E-DARAT are sorted by those nearest to their expiry date and color-coded based on the urgency of their renewal – green for documents that are not expiring, orange for documents soon expiring, and red for documents already expired.

What type of employee documents can I track for expiry and renewal on E- DARAT?

You can track passports, residency visas, Emirates IDs and labor cards for expiry and renewal on E-DARAT.

As a HR manager, how do I upload employee documents?

With E-DARAT, uploading employee documents is a four-step process.

Once you are on the Documents page, choose the employee for whom you want to upload personal documents. You can then either drag/documents to the corresponding boxes or press on the “Upload” button at the top right of each box.

Once your document is uploaded, enter critical information such as expiry dates, reminder dates and any other data related to the document. Press Submit, and you’re done!

What is the maximum number of employees allowed for one company on the E-DARAT platform?

There is no cap to the number of employees.

Can I track my employees’ dates of joining/leaving the organization?

Yes. Each employee will have his/her own dashboard that contains all personal and company- related information, including, in the General Information tab, their starting date with your company.

If the employee is off-boarded, you will be able to see his or her off-boarding date, termination date, notice date and reason for termination.

How can I change the name of an employee or other details?

Under the Human Resources page, click on the Employees tab and then choose the employee for whom you want to update information. Click the edit button at the top-right section of your screen, which will allow you to alter your employee data.

How can I set up my company’s departments / branches on E-DARAT?

Under the Organization page, click on Departments or Branches, and then on the ‘Add Branch’ or ‘Add Department’ button displayed at the top right side of the screen. Fill the form and then click Save to set up your department or branch.

Can I mass upload my employee information on E-DARAT?

Yes. You can on-board new employees by mass uploading an Excel sheet using our E-DARAT template, by filling out their information directly on the platform, or by scanning their passports in bulk onto the platform using our powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

Import an Excel list containing your employee information: Upload the Excel sheet containing your employee information using the template provided by E-DARAT Upload your employees’ passport images in bulk: our OCR technology will then extract relevant information from uploaded passport images, place them in their corresponding location.

On-board employees individually on the platform: Manually on-board each individual employee by filling out his or her information directly on the E-DARAT platform.

For both Excel and OCR passport uploads, E-DARAT will direct you to a draft page where you can view employee information before the on-boarding process is applied in the system.

What is OCR technology?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR translates information in scanned documents that contain text – such as passports and ID cards – into machine-readable text.

E-DARAT uses OCR technology in its on-boarding process, during which HR managers can simply drag and drop employee passports.

Our system will then extract and organize this information from the uploaded documents. While this technology is currently used on E-DARAT for only passport bulk uploads, we will be extending it to more documents in the future on a need basis.

I sent the invite to a wrong email ID. How can I re-invite an employee to E-DARAT?

To re-invite an employee to E-DARAT:

Go to the Employees tab under the Human Resources page
Select the employee for whom you want to change the e-mail address
Go to General Information tab and click on the “Edit” button on the top right side of the screen. Find the email address textbox on the left section of the page
Enter the correct email address and press on the “Resend Invitation Email” button

How can I download employee data from E-DARAT ?

To download your employee data:

Go to the Employee section under the Human Resources page and switch the view to “Grid View”
In this view, an Export to excel button will appear.
Click on this button to download your employee data in Excel format.

An employee is leaving my organization. Can I delete their account on E-DARAT?

Yes. When an employee leaves the organization, HR managers can off-board him or her as follows:

- Navigate to the “Employee tab” under the Human Resources section
Select the employee you want to off-board
Click on the “Off-boarding” button to start the account deletion process
- Enter information around the reason behind this employee’s off-boarding for record keeping
Click on the Finalize button to complete the off-boarding process

How does E-DARAT account for weekends or official holidays when calculating my leave balance?

Once you choose your “From” and “To” dates when filling out the information for your leave request, the E-DARAT system will automatically exclude holidays, weekends and days where you have no work shifts to ensure that your requested leave balance only accounts for paid working days.

How can I create and customize HR policies on E-DARAT?

E-DARAT enables you to set policies pertaining to employees’ working hours, paid leave entitlements and attendance directly on the platform, in a three-fold solution: Work Shifts, Paid Time Off Policies and Attendance Policies.

Under each policy category, the “Add” button at the top-right section of your screen will allow you to create and customize a new policy.

Once you are done designing your policy, you can then go back to the policy’s page to assign employees under it – the assignment button will also be displayed next to the “Add” button at the top-right section.

Do employees get notified when their leave request is approved/rejected?

Yes. Upon the submission of a leave request, employees will get notified instantly both on their web and mobile apps with their request’s status changes. They can also view who approved/rejected their leave requests.

Do I have to enter my employees’ fixed payroll information at each new cycle?

No. Employee information is entered on E-DARAT only once and is then stored for all future processes on the platform, such as payroll calculations. You can manually edit employee data at any time.

How can I generate and extract employee pay slips on E-DARAT?

Once you fill out the payroll cycle parameters and apply the manual and automatic adjustments to your payroll calculations on E-DARAT

The platform automatically generates individual draft pay slips for your employees and saves them under the corresponding payroll cycle.

Click on the “Extract All” button to export all employee pay slips to an Excel sheet, or on the “Print All” button to directly print them.

You can also print out individual pay slips for employees once you click on their name in the Payroll Cycle section.

Can employees see and print their previous pay slips?

Yes. All employees who are registered on the E-DARAT platform will be able to view and print out their current and previous pay slips.

To do so, they need to log in to their profile and click on the “Pay Info” tab, select the payroll cycle and view the corresponding pay slip.

Can I reopen my payroll cycle on E-DARAT after having finalized it?

Yes, you can in view mode. Once the payroll cycle information is finalized upon the generation of draft pay slips, HR managers can no longer alter data they entered for this particular cycle.

How can I create new perks and deductions on E-DARAT?

To create perks and deductions, go to the Perks & Deductions section under the Payroll page.

Click on the “Add Perk/Deduction” button on the top-right section of your screen, then fill out the required information fields (Note: the “Type” field indicates whether the entry is a perk or a deduction)

How does E-DARAT break down payroll information?

E-DARAT payroll details give both HR managers and employees a granular view of pay calculations.

Pay slips generated by E-DARAT detail perks and deductions, loans, bonuses, allowances and any other payroll elements that were included in the final net pay, along with employees’ basic salary, totals and subtotals.

Does the E-DARAT payroll system support WPS?

Yes. E-DARAT allows you to easily export all the information required by the UAE government and banks into a single WPS file, without the need for any manual entry.

How can employees view their insurance policy information on E-DARAT?

If you subscribed to your company’s insurance policy through E-DARAT, your insurance information will be automatically displayed on your web and mobile E-DARAT applications.

If not, our team will be in touch with you to collect all required insurance information upon the configuration of the platform, after which you can view your policy on E-DARAT.

What type of insurance documents can I upload on E-DARAT as a HR manager?

You can upload loss report, cover note and trade license documents on E-DARAT.

As a HR Manager, do I have to upload / complete all the employees’ information myself?

Employee information entry is not restricted to only HR managers.

Employees can upload their personal information on the platform, amend their profiles and submit their documents, freeing up your time to manage other tasks.

However, in ensuring that this information is filled out correctly by employees, E-DARAT requires of HR managers to approve updates employees make to their profiles before they are published.

Can I add independent contractors under E-DARAT payroll cycles?

Yes. As long as independent contractors are registered on the E-DARAT system, they can be enrolled under your company’s payroll cycles. Your payroll cycles can apply to both full-timers and part-timers.

Can I carry over vacation days from last year into the current year in E-DARAT?

Yes. While this option is subject to individual company HR policy, it can be customized on E-DARAT in the Paid Time Off Policy section.

Can I create an employee directory and organizational chart in E-DARAT?

Yes. Once you finalize your employee on-boarding process, your employee directory will be automatically ready on the E-DARAT platform, under the Employees section of the Human Resources page.

If you set up reporting lines correctly when on-boarding your employees, E-DARAT will also automatically create an organizational chart of your company, which you can view in the Organizational Chart section under the Organization page.

Can I set up different access rights for multiple admins in E-DARAT?

No. In E-DARAT we have user roles and not access rights. Below are the user roles with their fixed access rights:

CEO and HR Manager: Has full access and can use the entire system functionalities
HR Personal has all the HR Manager functionalities except running payroll
Direct Manager: Can check on behalf of employees that report into him/her and approve business trips and leave requests for team members
Employee: Can only view his/her own information and access his/her own data

What types of reports can I run and generate using E-DARAT?

E-DARAT generates multiple types of reports to help you better understand your HR operations, each of which can be accessed through its own module. Some of these reports include the following:

Business trips expenses
WPS report
Payroll reports
Asset report

How can I ensure that my personal and company data on E-DARAT are private, secure and protected at all times?

Our E-DARAT login process is extremely secure. We encrypt all passwords to make it almost impossible for someone to guess your password or to use your credentials.

We deployed the latest tech and ran extensive stress tests to ensure all possible breaches and hacking attempts are prevented and circumvented once you’ve logged into E-DARAT.

Sensitive information, such as passwords are encrypted, visible and accessible only to the right people with the right roles.

Our databases are also plugged into the UAE-based Microsoft AZURE cloud computing services, which means that no one can access employee data but employees themselves or HR administrators.

This also means that all your other company data on E-DARAT is stored safely and securely on the cloud, backed up at all times to prevent any sudden loss, and available 24/7 at a high speed.